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The Main Crew

  • Franco Avenia

    Business Department
    The passion for cinema and the experience gained in the field has allowed him to realize the dream of creating a company that still, after more than 30 years, is considered a major player in the Italian scene.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Franco Avenia
  • Fabrizio Gallo

    Technical Department
    Along with Franco, he has led REC to its current levels. He has been following closely every development of a field constantly evolving in order to update the technology offered. He has contributed as a computer analyst in the company IT project.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Fabrizio Gallo
  • Giuseppe Avenia

    Commercial Department
    Under the tuteledge of Franco and Fabrizio, he has learned the not-so-easy secrets of the business. After years of experience and with uncommon qualities of character, he is better able to manage relationships with customers.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Giuseppe Avenia
  • Daria Avenia

    Administration Office
    As head of administration department, she plays a role of great responsibility. She carefullly and precisely supervises and manages all the corporate accounting and financial flows.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Daria Avenia
  • Alessandro Gallo

    Warehouse Managment
    He is the youngest of the staff but not the least prepared. He scrupulously follows the movement of goods and ensures optimal warehouse management.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Alessandro Gallo
  • Francesca Avenia

    Public Realations
    Her preparation and the ability to relate with others makes Francesca an ideal contact for the company's suppliers, customers and partners, both domestically and abroad.
    Rec Roma | Contacts - Francesca Avenia
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