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Antenna Array (Bolt 6 / Bolt 4K)

Teradeck | Rec Rental - Video Transmitters

The Antenna Array for Bolt 6 / Bolt 4K 4.9-7.3GHz interfaces with Bolt 6 / Bolt 4K to provide an extremely robust and uninterrupted directional signal at a range of up to 5,000ft. The Array offers a more resilient wireless transmission, especially in challenging RF conditions, by focusing the signal and reducing interference. Featuring a dedicated external omnidirectional antenna for increased reception when the signal is outside the directional cone of the panel array. As a result, you may achieve a boost in the reception range based on the maximum range of the connected Bolt4K.

Bolt Sidekick II

Teradeck Bolt Sidekick II | Rec Rental - Video Transmitters

The Teradek Bolt Sidekick II 3G-SDI Video Receiver is designed with handheld director's monitors in mind. The low-profile chassis keeps the monitor configuration lightweight. Use the SDI output to connect to your monitor of choice, and connect the Teradek-standard 2-pin LEMO connector to either the included power supply or to a battery pack with a separately available cable. Additionally, the SDI connection can output test signals and supports timecode and start/stop metadata. Bolt Sidekick II is compatible with the Bolt 500, 1000, and 3000 transmitters, maintaining a consistent 300' line-of-sight range, regardless of the transmitter used.

Bolt Sidekick I

Teradeck Bolt Sidekick I | Rec Rental - Video Transmitters

The Bolt Sidekick I 3G-SDI Video Receiver is a lightweight universal companion receiver for Teradek Bolt Pro 300, 600 and 2000 systems. Weighing only 10.2 oz, the Bolt Sidekick Receiver is an ideal solution for field and studio monitors up to 300’ from the transmitter.

Bolt Array

Teradeck Array | Rec Rental - Video Transmitters

This Antenna Bolt Array is a panel antenna designed to enhance wireless video transmission to Bolt receivers. This MIMO (Multiple In/Multiple Out) antenna focuses the RF signal and reduces interference, producing a more resilient transmission. It offers a boost in reception but does not increase the maximum transmission range.

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