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O'Connor 2575-D

O'Connor 2575-D | Rec Rental - Fluid Heads

O'Connor 2575-D - The flagship of OConnor’s Ultimate range of fluid heads. With its famous features the O'Connor 2575-D fluid head has become the standard for film production. The head includes OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to this OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, and you’ve got ultimate control and stability for film style shooting. As the next generation head of the highly successful 2575 series, the 2575D retains a large number of features and functions from the older heads but includes many new features: Platform controls on the operator’s side of the head Platform release lever with a one touch finger actuated safety release catch - allowing for one “finger” or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever Dual platform scales Platform with 4 handle rosettes Soft hand rest on left hand side

O'Connor 2560

O'Connor 2560 | Rec Rental - Fluid Heads

O'Connor introduces the 2575’s baby brother…the O'Connor 2560. Perfectly suited to the adaptable, a la carte configurations of accessorised digital cinematography. Cameras such as the Alexa in portable configuration or any lightweight digital cinema camera (from Sony, Canon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research, RED) in ‘maxed out’ studio configuration. O'Connor 2560 have been used on almost every Hollywood movie feature and episodic TV Drama since the early 1990’s and OConnor heads in general have been heavily utilised in the industry since 1949.

O'Connor 2575-C

O'Connor Fluid Head 2575 C | Rec Rental - Fluid Heads

The O'Connor 2575-C Ultimate is the pinnacle of true fluid head design. With a payload capacity of up to 133.0 lbs (60.5 kg) it is just the right choice for large studio or EFP camera payloads requiring precision handling. This head continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal counterbalance for finger-tip camera control throughout the 180° tilt range, and continuously variable fluid drag to suit any shooting style. The top stage slides to accommodate uneven payloads due to heavy lenses or magazines, and has a 120mm euro quick-release for rapid setups and take-downs. As one might expect from a fluid head of this caliber, the O'Connor 2575-C is covered by an unbeatable 5-year warranty for parts and labor as well as friendly, competent technical support.

  • Continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal counterbalance provides finger-tip control throughout the entire tilt range for payloads up to 133.0 lbs (60.5 kg)
  • Sliding camera plate helps balance lopsided payloads due to heavy lenses or large magazines
  • Continuously variable true fluid drag provides just the right amount of drag for any style of shooting
  • Illuminated bubble level facilitates efficient, precise setups in any working conditions


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