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Nanolux Evoke 1200

Nanolux - Evoke 1200 | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

NANLUX introduces the all-new Nanolux Evoke 1200. A groundbreaking 1.2kW LED spot light which blends unprecedented levels of crisp, bright LED illumination with multiple configuration options.

The Nanolux Evoke 1200 delivers stunning levels of flicker free, controllable light , comparable to that of a 1.8kW PAR or 2.5kW HMI Fresnel.

Functional design, robust construction and IP54 rating makes the Evoke ideal for use in almost any conditions. Fully controllable, the EVOKE 1200 supports both wired and wireless control via NANLINK APP, DMX/RDM, Bluetooth and Lumenradio TimoTwo.

The Nanolux Evoke 1200 is compatible with a selection of lighting shaping tools, accessories and modifiers. The large aperture and sturdy fixings of the NL mount allows the user to quickly switch between optics to sculpture, shape and modify the output with absolutely no compromise in beam quality, color or intensity.

The Evoke 1200 has been developed by the NANLUX technical team. By listening to our customers feedback and carefully studying the needs of the end user, we have been able to create a truly versatile fixture that delivers powerful, flexible output, in almost any conditions. With a perfect balance of simple, intuitive operation, with versatile, controllable output, plus the capability and convenience of LEDillumination, the Evoke 1200 is all the light you need.

Nanolux Evoke 900

Nanolux - Evoke 900 | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

Nanolux Evoke 900 Ever since its establishment, NANLUX has been pushing the boundaries of technology and integrating it into products in order to bring users creative tools with higher efficiency and possibility. NANLUX is in constant communication with users within the industry to explore new possibilities for products. As an answer to the expectation of full color and powerful point source lighting, the Evoke 900C arrives. Equipped with RGBLAC color mixing system and Art-Net/sACN controls, the Evoke 900C is capable of delivering realistic lighting while fitting perfectly into virtual production.

As a point source LED, a quick switch between soft and hard light can be easily achieved on the Evoke 900C via attaching different modifiers. Flooding, spotting and cutting are also a sure thing in order to provide more light shaping freedom for image making.

For virtual production, which has unlimited potential in the future of production, the Nanolux Evoke 900 will make the presentation with more natural looks, create realistic and natural light, thus greatly improve shooting efficiency.

The Nanolux Evoke 900 is adopted with the state-of-the-art RGBLAC six color mixing system -- adding Lime, Amber and Cyan on base of the primary colors RGB, reaching a new altitude in color accuracy.

In today’s rapidly upgrading image-related technology, virtual production brings a new possibility by utilizing intelligent lighting systems, arc LED screen and virtual rendering system -- the corresponding perspectives and images in the virtual space can be presented through screen and lighting effects by capturing and computing the movement of the camera in real-time, so that the actors and crews can have a immersive feeling in action.As an intelligent lighting, the Evoke 900C provides various lighting effects in the form of point source lighting with full color functionality, and achieve connections and integration in a higher level via specially developed DMX mode and Ethernet control combining with virtual rendering system.

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