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Chroszeil MagNum

Chroszeil MagNum | Rec Rental - Focus Remote Systems

The Chroszeil MagNum wireless FIZ Lens Control System (LCS) was ergonomically and functionally optimized together with users. The Chroszeil MagNum is availabe in three versions: the basic model with one motor channel (MN-101), a two-motor channel version with a Zoom Rocker (MN-ZR) upgrade option for the hand unit (MN-150), and a fully equipped 2-motor channel version (MN-200). Extension modules expand MN-150 or MN-200 receiver with a maximum of two other motor channels, and enhanced broadcast capabilities.

Chroszeil Aladin MK II

Chroszeil Aladin MK II | Rec Rental - Remote Focus Systems

The Chroszeil Aladin MK II motor controller offers the basic equipment connections for 8 motors. This is expandable through an extension interface where additional extension modules (max. 5) can be mounted – meaning that special functions for your particular application easily can be realised. The Chroszeil Aladin MK II hand unit is characterised by a modular design. Depending on the requirements you need for your project, you can combine the various hand-held modules. The upper end of the hand unit usually consists of the transceiver module MK II and combines the motor controller with the hand unit. 434 MHz Transmission - 18-Bit Resolution Calculates with 32-Bit Accuracy - Eight Motor Channels in One Compact Box Color OLED Display with Membrane Keypad - 330 Yards Outdoors and 90 Yards Inside

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