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Arrihead 1

Arri Arrihead 1 | Rec Rental - Wheel Head

There are two geared heads in circulation from Arri. The ArriHead I and ArriHead II. These are the standard hire geared head on the European market unless sourcing from Panavision.

  • Tilt angle: +-30 degrees, +-90 degrees with tilt plate
  • Tilt plate increments: 13,20,25,30,40,50,60 degrees
  • Camera mounting: touch and go system (quick release)
  • 180mm forward and back Arri bridgeplate (dovetail)
  • Pan/tilt drive: Tilt handle laterally adjusts up to 38 degrees to right 3-speed gear drive, plus neutral wheels with fast-pin removable knob
  • Shipping Weight: 88 pounds (with handwheels & Case)

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