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Arri WCU-4

Arri WCU-4 | Rec Rental - Focus Remote Systems

The Wireless Compact Unit Arri WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivaled comfort during a long working day. An optional software license will enable you to remote control all ALEXA Plus type cameras, except the ALEXA HD Plus. Arri WCU-4 includes setting frame rate, shutter angle, exposure index, false color on the monitor output, and more. Extended camera status information is also available, allowing you to quickly check your camera settings at any time.

Arri WCU-3

Arri WCU-3 - Rec Rental - Focus Remote systems

The Wireless Compact Unit Arri WCU-3 handset has the capability to control two axes, plus camera run/stop. With a built-in programmable focus knob and thumb slider, its readily available Lithium-ion batteries power the unit for up to 12 hours of continuous operation. The Arri WCU-3 is rugged and weatherproof for demanding production environments. Special attention has been given to ergonomics and durability, with features like an adjustable handgrip, backlit buttons, an illuminated index scale, optional cabled or wireless operation, and sealed precision optical encoders for the manual controls. The integrated backlit color TFT display shows the camera and lens status. It directly communicates with the Universal Motor Controller UMC-3A, which can be attached to the ARRICAM Studio, ARRICAM Lite, ARRIFLEX 235, ARRIFLEX 435, ARRIFLEX D-21, ARRIFLEX 416 and to numerous other still and video cameras. The CLM-3 Lens Control Motor is a very fast, powerful motor, suitable for larger primes and zooms that other motors have difficulty operating.

Arri WFU-3

Arri WFU-3 | Rec Rental - Focus Remote Systems

The Arri WFU-3 Wireless Focus Unit is the smallest and most flexible part of the Arri WRS system for lens and camera remote control. Through its elegant modularity the Arri WFU-3 provides great flexibility and a plethora of configuration options. Compatibility with the previous system, with the Wireless Remote Control (WRC-1) and with the ARRI Lens Data System make the WRS the most feature rich system available.

Arri Single Axis Unit SXU

Arri Single Axis Unit SXU | Rec Rental - Focus Remote Systems

Arri Single Axis Unit SXU wireless hand unit for iris, focus or zoom control. Works with ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Studio, ALEXA SXT W, ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA 65 cameras and UMC-4, SMC-1, EMC-1 and AMC-1 motor controllers and cforce mini RF. The Arri Single Axis Unit SXU includes hand unit, lanyard, one plain marking ring (K2.72117.0) and user manual (incl. Standard wooden handgrip; optional Rigger Grip has to be ordered separately). Battery and charger need to be ordered separately: K2.47851.0 - NP-FM500H Battery (Sony) K2.0002065 - BC-QM1 Battery Charger (Sony)

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