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Zoom Angenieux 25-250 HR

Zoom Angenieux 25-250 HR | Rec Rental - Zoom Lenses

The Zoom Angenieux 25-250 HR T3.5 offers a wide range with a medium-sized body, a good aperture, and a medium weight of 10.5 lbs. It is a high-quality and reliable zoom lens well-suited for a variety of shots. Zoom Angenieux 25-250 HR zoom from the 1990's is the predecessor to the industry workhorse 12:1 zoom. With a non-telescoping barrel, and solid mechanics, this lens can offer a wide focal range in a much lighter package than the 12:1.

  • Focal Length: 25mm to 250mm
  • T-Stop: T3.5
  • Minimum Focus: 5'7
  • Available in PL Mount only
  • Zoom ratio: 10x
  • Weight (approx.): 10.5 lbs (4.7 kg)
  • Image coverage: 35mm (30 mm diagonal)
  • Front diameter: 136mm

Techincal Specs

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