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Canon Sumire Primes

Canon Sumire Primes | Rec Rental - Prime Lenses

Personalise your craft with a range of Full-Frame cinema prime lenses named Canon Sumire Primes LF, with a specially designed ’cinematic look’ and interchangeable PL mount. Designed to offer delicate and subtle rendering of a subject, these seven Canon Sumire Primes LF lenses offer fast apertures and precise manual control with a crafted focus bokeh aimed at careful creative expression. A unique optical design offers a nuanced look at the lens’ wider aperture settings, subtly modifying textural renderings for pleasing bokeh with superb expressiveness. The lens offers wide compatibility options for PL mount 35mm Full-Frame and Super 35mm cameras and can be changed to an EF mount at any authorized service facility. Sumire primes inherit the same subtle warm colour tone from the Canon cinema lens range, making it easy to change lenses without affecting colour balance. A fast T-number is thanks to a large lens diameter and together with an 11-blade iris, offers richer levels of bokeh. The lens design also significantly reduces focus breathing. With carefully developed focus resistance, delicate focus adjustments can be made over a 300-degree rotation angle. All lenses accept 105mm screw-on filters, have a 114mm diameter lens front and have consistently positioned gears for ease of use.

Lenses Available

14mm - T. 3.1
20mm - T. 1.5
24mm - T. 1.5
35mm - T. 1.5
50mm - T. 1.3
85mm T. 1.3
135mm - 2.2

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