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Hawk V-Lite | Rec Rental - Anamorphic Lenses

Although the current Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics lenses already perform exceptionally well, further improvements have been achieved. The center of efforts was to minimize distortion and to increase definition and contrast over the entire image. The manufacturing process of the optical components has been further optimized in several aspects. The new lens set is fully matched to all other Hawk Anamorphics. Vantage uses telecentric designs for all Hawk V-Lite optics. These lenses perform equally on film and digital cameras. The engraved T-Stops on the Hawk V-Lite lenses are constant from infinity to close focus. Contrary to other lenses, there is no light loss while focusing. The maximum light transmission is maintained throughout the whole focusing range.

Lenses Available

28mm - T. 2,2
35mm - T. 2,2
45mm - T. 2,2
55mm - T. 2,2
65mm - T. 2,2
80mm - T. 2,2
110mm - T. 3
140mm - T. 3,5
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