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Teradeck Server Pro | Rec Rental - Video Monitoring

Serv Pro is a hardware device that streams live 1080p video over WiFi to up to 10 iOS/Android devices running the Vuer application. With smart device monitoring, anybody from script supervisors to clients can view what’s being shot from their own iOS/Android device, saving you space at video village. Each feed is viewable at just 2 frames of delay and includes a stereo audio signal embedded within the stream. Serv includes both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and is equally at home mounted to a camera, on a DIT cart, or at video village. Stream live HD video from your camera, video switcher, or DIT cart to multiple iOS/Android devices on set. At the core of Teradek’s mobile device monitoring workflow is Vuer, a free iOS/Android application that brings a comprehensive cinematographer’s toolset to your iPad and iPhone. Vuer can display up to 4 live HD video feeds at one time, each with its own independent set of tools to help you and your crew gain insights into your footage.

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