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O'Connor 2575-C

O'Connor Fluid Head 2575 C | Rec Rental - Fluid Heads

The O'Connor 2575-C Ultimate is the pinnacle of true fluid head design. With a payload capacity of up to 133.0 lbs (60.5 kg) it is just the right choice for large studio or EFP camera payloads requiring precision handling. This head continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal counterbalance for finger-tip camera control throughout the 180° tilt range, and continuously variable fluid drag to suit any shooting style. The top stage slides to accommodate uneven payloads due to heavy lenses or magazines, and has a 120mm euro quick-release for rapid setups and take-downs. As one might expect from a fluid head of this caliber, the O'Connor 2575-C is covered by an unbeatable 5-year warranty for parts and labor as well as friendly, competent technical support.

  • Continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal counterbalance provides finger-tip control throughout the entire tilt range for payloads up to 133.0 lbs (60.5 kg)
  • Sliding camera plate helps balance lopsided payloads due to heavy lenses or large magazines
  • Continuously variable true fluid drag provides just the right amount of drag for any style of shooting
  • Illuminated bubble level facilitates efficient, precise setups in any working conditions


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