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Cartoni Sigma

Cartoni Sigma | Rec Rental - Fluid Heads

The Cartoni Sigma has a continuously variable counterbalance system, that is ideally suited to operate with cameras featuring a high center of gravity and weighing from 45 - 100lbs. The frictionless damping modules, features a new patented "planetary" design, which provides for extraordinary performances over an extended temperature range, with smooth and precise movements together with a linear response in any critical environment. And for ease of use the counterbalance and damping system are connected to easy-to-read digital readouts, allowing quick set up even in low light situations. The Cartoni Sigma interfaces directly with any Mitchell or 150mm bowl base and can be easily mounted on top of all existing pedestals featuring the 4-hole bores. Comes provided with an integral soft grip-carrying handle, two telescopic pan bars and illuminated spirit level..

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