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Instagrid One Max | Rec Rentals - Lighting (Power Banks)

We strongly believe that the future is driven by green power and that it will replace fossil-fuel-powered engines in most everyday applications in the near future. Our Instagrid One Max mobile power supply solutions enable reliable and efficient access to clean electricity, eliminating noise and exhaust fumes, no matter where you are.

Take a wall socket with you - power any device no matter where you are. If your device can be powered from a wall socket, it can be powered with instagrid. No cables, no hassle. Just plug in your tool and get work done. Nothing this powerful has ever been so compact and lightweight.

With 2.1 kWh, instagrid ONE max delivers the most energy in a portable format.
2.5 hours - Short on time? You can charge the instagrid system even in the middle of your workday
18.000 Watt Peak - With the instagrid system you can power your most demanding devices up to 18.000 W peak.
3.600 Watt Continuous - Power your tools with 3.600 W pure sine from fine electronics to welding.
20 kg - Nothing this powerful has ever come in this size

Output voltage 230 V (AC) / 50 Hz
Rated output power3.600 W (16 A)
Available energy2,1 kWh
Charge duration< 3 h up to 100%
Rated power 500-1.000 W (4 A)
On (idle)150 h
Storage > 3 years (switch in “off” or “transport” mode)
Output socketCEE 7/3 Socket (16 A)
Power outlet Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

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