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LNX Vortex Rigging System

Cream Source - Vortex Rigging System | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

The LNX Vortex Rigging System is a first-of-its-kind rigging system that takes the guesswork out of creating arrays of Creamsource Vortex fixtures. The system is comprised of LNX Pins, which slot into the Vortex fixtures, and LNX 4-Way mounts, which accept the pins and serve as the building blocks of the array. The mounts then attach to industry standard pipe, such as Speed-Rail®, ensuring that the LNX system is a seamless addition to existing grip gear. The arrays can be as small as two units and as large as you can fit on a soundstage or construction crane. The LNX system leverages unique stainless steel mounting features integrated into each corner of the Vortex to be able to "link" one unit to the next, only requiring the yoke to first be removed. The arrays that are created using LNX are nearly gapless, with only about 7/8 in. (22.23 mm) separating adjacent fixtures, meaning that considerably more light can be packed into a given area. The quality of the light output is also more uniform, as the LNX system ensures uniformity of the spacing of the array.

Quickly assemble uniform/aligned arrays of Vortex fixtures with minimal gap between units. LNX is the quick solution for creating large rigs. No alignment time, no measurement time, with tidy cable runs. LNX arrays will withstand heavy use – transport and relocation, high levels of vibration and high wind loading. Built for heavy use, indoor or extreme outdoors. The LNX system leverages multiple mount points, making it more robust and reliable than traditional single point fixture rigging. Multiple latches and auto-locking features ensure safety of operators and anyone under the rig at all times. Build as small as two units or large arrays- limited only by your ability to lift the rig.

Use the LNX Vortex Rigging System Calculator to design arrays: go to


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