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EUTERPE, Belonging to the AIR element, the MELODIOUS LIGHT – EUTERPE (The MUSIC) is a constant alimentation source of human transcendence on the sacred soil of life.
She, just her, with her sounds pushes us to reach the original purity and harmony with things, to introspection, to simplicity. It is with the juxtaposition of Music that Man approaches his nature trascendental, to her natural serenity of Being.
Contemplated, Euterpe can help to lead us towards the realization of the truth, to intuit the sense of Cosmic Harmony.
EUTERPE just her, with its sound drives us to reach the original purity and harmony with things, introspection, to simplicity, to the primal figure de: “Octahedron”, behind “The OCTAGON” HARMONIOUS light. A geometric shape symbol of the “New day”, the eighth announcing the Eternity, The OCTAGON carries with it the symbol of the INFINITE.

  • Size 80×80 cm - Weight: Head 23 Kg – Driver 7,5 Kg
  • Upcoming dimensions 40×40 cm
  • Tunable White 2.700°K / 6.500°K
  • Power 540W
  • DMX controlled WIDE FLOOD
  • Beam angle 66°
  • Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
  • Illumination at 10 mt distance 488 Lux / 45.34 FC

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