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ERATO, like Sister Polymnia, belongs to the water Element. With a particular LIGHT MANIFESTANT, ERATO is POETRY. Her presence is approached to us to make us appreciate the Lyric Poetry that we so much need and that from time to time sometimes comes out in our dreams. She creates, with her presence, a pervasive omnipresence of expansion of Knowledge. It has the mission to show us and make us learn beauty, making contact with the imagination one of the most important meanings of life. Every Poet, Painter, Sculptor, Musician, every Artist in reality, who has seen in her expression the more intimate sense of “Beauty”, always did it with the hand, the eyes, the thought, the imagination…. guided by Erato.
ERATO the enlargement of the geometrical forms of the Exedron, gives birth to the figure of “THE EXAGON” of LIGHT REVEALING. Its LIGHT SOFFUSE, SOFT, slightly WRAPPED, expresses itself with a sense of enlargement that fascinates the poets.

  • Size 70×60 cm
  • Weight: Head 16 Kg – Driver 2,5 Kg
  • Upcoming dimensions 35×30 cm
  • Tunable White 2.700°K / 6.500°K
  • Power to LED 360W
  • DMX controlled MEDIUM FLOOD
  • Beam angle 34°
  • Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
  • Illumination at 10 mt distance 1.029 Lux / 95.60 FC

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