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Desisti Super Led F10

Desisti - F10 | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

Desisti Super Led F10 - It utilizes a true Fresnel lens made of high quality, shock resistant borosilicate glass. Plastics lenses may discolor over time negatively affecting both output and color temperature. Glass is consistent, resilient to heat and offers better uniformity in beam protection. Our internationally patented optical system optimizes the LED source. The reflector design in combination with a Fresnel lens gives us the highest optical efficiency in the industry. The Desisti Super Led F10 is able to achieve similar outputs to our competitors with half the power requirements. Our Desisti Super Led F10 Fresnels produce the exact light you’ve come to expect from a traditional Fresnel. We use Self Stabilizing Silent Active Cooling technology. The speed of the fan is managed by an internal thermal sensor and CPU, automatically adjusting the temperature of the LED Array to 65°. The hydro dynamic bearing fan operates silently with a very low RPM. A unit must always be silent when it operates, not only with the fans switched off. The Desisti Super Led F10 Fresnel are ready to use around the world with auto sensing power supplies accepting voltages from 90-250 volts. You can expect the highest color quality from the De Sisti Super LED Fresnels with CRI & TLCI values above 95 throughout the rsnge. The result ensure maximum compatibiity of the light emitted by the devices with optical cameras that have no need for further adjustments,

F10VW Vari-White | White light, with Tunable Correlated Color Temperature from 2.800 to 6.600°K
The Lighting Fixture is DMX Controlled from 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming and a negligible variation of Colour Temperature while controlling the Light intensity.

  • Continuous light output at any dimming level. Flicker free up to 40,000 fps. We power our LED array via DC current rather than PWM technology used by our competitors
  • Same characteristics as a traditional Fresnel: single shadows, spot/flood focus range and exceptional barndoor control
  • CRI and TLCI greater than 96 with no shift in color temperature when dimming
  • High efficiency self stabilizing silent active cooling: Automatic, thermal stabilization of the LED operating temperature is managed by an internal thermal sensor and CPU, variable speed fans and heat sink to maintain the LED Array’s constant temperature at a maximum of 65°C / 149°F. The hydro dynamic bearing fan operates silently with a very low RPM
  • Interchangeable accessories with our conventional range of Tungsten and HMI Fresnels
  • All De Sisti Fresnel Series utilize a new Universal Voltage and “Power Factor Corrected” Power Supply (PF=0.96)
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