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Clio 480W

Desisti - Clio | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

The Desisti Clio 480W, part of the EARTH Element, of MULTIFORM LIGHT, is HISTORY with the will to know the truth. She appears to us with a detachment from every kind of fantasy that other muses bring with them. She confronts us with the historical truth that represents us. CLIO has written over time that desperate need of Man to express his destiny. She puts man in front of the facts, in the awareness of his own being, allows us to write history, knowledge after knowledge. Clio helps human beings to believe in themselves, to overcome the difficult moments of theirs life. Its temporary stasis helps to find the right time to understand that we can and must be able to start all over again from the beginning… when necessary.

The Desisti Clio 480W also with the geometric shape of the Esaedro, from which it is born: “The RECTANGLE“, of the uniform LIGHT but as penetrating as his sister Tersicore, albeit with a smaller beam. Its OPTICS are not Flood, to have a good one beam of LIGHT but not too widespread.

  • Size 100×50 cm
  • Weight: Head 28,5 Kg – Driver 5 Kg
  • Upcoming dimensions 50 and 25 cm
  • Tunable White 2.700°K / 6.500°K
  • Power to LED 480W
  • DMX controlled SPOT
  • Beam angle 17°
  • Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
  • Illumination at 10mt distance 5.416 Lux / 503.16 FC

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