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Astera AX5 Triple Par

Astera - AX5 Triple Par | Rec Rental - Led Lighting

Optimized for a fast return of investment, the Astera AX5 Triple Par lighting fixture replaces your wireless and wired PARs as well as battery uplight. It’s the ultimate tool for entertainment professionals. Multi-functional bracket to be used as a stand or to hang lights. For a cleaner look when uplighting, the bracket can be slid out.

Quick-release kickstand that allows to angle the fixture within seconds. We offer 3 high-efficiency filters that can be clipped in without additional tools. Domes come with 2 filters for softlighting and as evenly illuminated light ball.

Top hat with built-in honeycomb, narrows your beam and helps to avoid glare. Elegant covers to change your uplight`s colour and make the Astera AX5 Triple Par fit to any occasion.

AsteraApp offers intuitive and fast control of complex lighting setups and is also used for preparation and monitoring of our lights. All Astera lights contain a wireless DMX module by LumenRadio, enabling them to be controlled by CRMX and W-DMX transmitters alongside other wireless fixtures. The AsteraBox has built-in CRMX and can be used to transmit DMX data to your lights. We have included 5-pin XLR in + out sockets for a solid wired DMX connection. This enables the AX5 to be used as a wired PAR for longer installations. The control panel on the AX5’s backside offers control over color, brightness and settings.

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