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Bobine 4000 W Mobile electrical energy storage system, noiseless , odorless, maintenance-free. Concentrated power in a compact format, Bobine is a technological success that will accompany you for all your needs because it offers a power of autonomy up to 10 hours. The materials chosen for its design promise unfailing robustness. Its simple and quick handling guarantees total control, in a single gesture.

Continuous power: 3,200 W
Peak power (0.5 s): 6,000 W
Battery capacity: 5,100 Wh
Output voltage:  230Vac – 50Hz
AC output: Type F – 16A (3500W max)
AC input:  Power Twist NCA3 – 20A
1 Anderson 50 A socket (PV 2000 W)
Charging time (16A): < 3 h (90%)
Operating time at 500 W: > 9 h
Operating time at 1000 W: > 4 h
Operating time at 2000 W: > 2h
Weight: 50kg
Dimensions: 62x46x42cm

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