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Panther Foxy Pro. At the present time, the demands of modern production are particularly high. There is much produced - with complex tasks. With high safety awareness and little budget. And even less time and staff. Panther took into consideration and found an intelligent solution to these problems. The Foxy Pro, a unique and patented crane concept. The next step of filmmaking.

The Foxy Pro camera crane is again one step ahead! We wanted that the users have it even easier to set up the crane. It is set up with only equal outriggers. This outrigger is used at all positions – also where a bracing is required.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between 3 different pyramid sizes. They differ in their height and the number of stowable outriggers. Every pyramid fits perfectly to the Big Base. It is also possible to mount the pyramid somewhere else (for example camera car). In addition to the standard Counter Weight Bucket for 39 Weights (169310) there is also a smaller one for 18 Weights (127098) available – perfect for more compact Crane or Jib versions. In some cases you will need an additional Counter Weight Bucket for 4 Weights (301850) which is necessary if you need maximum payload

The platform version of the Foxy Advanced features 4 variants. From 2.8 m up to 7.3 m length there is no limit to your creativity.

The remote version offers 8 standard variants as well as many special variants. Adjust your Foxy Pro to your needs. From 2.7m up to 13.2m length you will find something for every preference.

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