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Cinetech Italiana is proud to present its brand new Albatross dolly, which has been designed in order to satisfy all the needs of the professional film-maker.The new dolly is characterized by great stability. Its arm movement is steady and smooth, reaching the height of 130 cm (without risers). The dolly is equipped with an incredibly responsive valve system, guaranteeing an impeccable performance of the arm movement.Albatross dolly is engineered and designed using the latest modern technology in structural materials and surface finishes, and Cinetech can guarantee it’s accurate and reliable operation under any environmental condition with a minimum need for maintenance.The Dolly can be equipped with two different types of wheels – the standard wheels of selected hardness can be used directly on the studio floor or any standard track and mixed wheels incorporating the standard wheel along with an inflated rubber wheel guarantee excellent flexibility and performance on any kind of surface, even if it is not completely smooth.


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