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Red Epic ushers in the next generation of digital cinema, featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1-120 fps at full resolution. From fashion spreads to 3D IMAX features, EPIC has crossbred elite photography with unrivaled cinema capability—all in a camera the size of a DSLR. In challenging lighting conditions, EPIC makes it easy to adapt with its ability to reach up to 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx. Remarkable technology packed into a 4lb body – with EPIC, less is more. Congruent with RED’s high-resolution lineage, EPIC has made large format distribution accessible and easy. 5K images make it possible for you to streamline your footage for IMAX applications, giving you the most resolution for stills and motion workflows. No matter the size of your project, 5K gives you every opportunity to be EPIC.

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