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The Arriraw Codex Onboard can record anything from HD for television, to the highest quality digital cinematography cameras. It can be mounted directly on a wide range of camera systems including ARRI ALEXA, ARRI D-21, Sony F35. The Arriraw Codex Onboard can record uncompressed or wavelet cinema quality HD material – plus audio and metadata – onto a single, removable data pack. When shooting is done, it offloads materials faster than real-time. Weather-resistant unit Weighting: just 2.5kg / 5.7lb Ideal for single or multi-camera production The Onboard can record simultaneously from two 4:4:4 cameras – for A&B or 3D stereo shoots – or from two 4:2:2 cameras. The Onboard records using uncompressed or visually lossless wavelet compression, with compression ratios from 3:1 to 8:1. It also significantly reduces the storage requirements of a production. The Onboard delivers immediate full-frame playback and review as video. It also delivers reference and viewing files over a network for full on-set quality control. Used with a Codex Media Station, it can deliver shots in multiple industry-standard formats – these can be generated on-the-fly for editing systems to use without importing

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