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Reflection and Protection
Lee Filters
ColorCodeLee FiltersNameProd TypeMaterialRollSheet
diffusion-274274 DetailsMirror GoldReflectorsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-272272 DetailsSoft Gold ReflectorReflectorsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-271271 DetailsMirror SilverReflectorsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-273273 DetailsSoft Silver ReflectorReflectorsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-270270 DetailsLee ScrimScrimsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-275275 DetailsBlack ScrimScrimsPVC / Poliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
diffusion-280280 DetailsBlack FoilProtectionAlluminio7,62m x 0,61m-
diffusion-280269 DetailsLee Heat ShieldProtectionPoliestere7,62m x 1,22m-
set_reflectionRefle Pack-Set di 8 fogli ReflectorReflectorsPoliestere-0,53m x 0,61m
colorcodeLee Filtersnameprod typematerialrollsheet
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