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Lamps and Bulbs
12580GZX 9,5 GEHR Single Ended CSR125/SE/HR560020048461
125207GZX 9,5 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR125/HR6000200HRMSR125
15095GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HTI152W50002000HTI152W
15295GY 9,5 GECold Start CSR152/SE500075022862
20070GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD200/6060002000HSD200/60
20070GZY 9,5 GEHR Single Ended CSR200/SE/HR560020048462
20070GZY 9,5 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI200W/SE6000200HMI200W/SE
20080X 515 GEHR Double Ended CSR200/DE600030048450
200207GY 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD20060002000MSD200
200207GZY 9,5 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR200/HR6000200HRMSR200
20060/-SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI200W/D3/7070003000HTI200W/D3/70
25090GY 9,5 GECold Start CSD250/2/SE8500200027817
25090GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD250/6060002000HSD250/60
25090GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD250/7878003000HSD250/78
25090GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD250/8080002000HSD250/80
250207GY 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD25067003000MSD250
250207GY 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD250/285003000MSD250/2
27050FAX 1,5 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI250W/SE6000250HMI250W//SE
40049SFC 10-4 SI/M4 GEHR Double Ended CSR400/S/DE/70750075022478
40055GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HTI405W/SE XS5800500HTI405W/SE XS
40067GX 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSR400W/6060001000HSR400W/60
40070GZZ 9,5 GEHR Single Ended CSR400/SE/HR600075021853
40070GZZ 9,5 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI400W/SE6000650HMI400W/SE
400207GX 9,5 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR40059001000MSR400
400207GY 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (SA) MSR400/SA5600750MSR400/SA
400207GZZ 9,5 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR400/HR6000750HRMSR400
40049/-SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI400W/D3/757500750HTI400W/DE
57588GX 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD575/6060002000HSD575/60
57588GX 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSD575/7272003000HSD575/72
57595G22 GEHR Single Ended CSR575/SE/HR600075048463
57595G22 GEHR Single Ended CSR575/SE/HR/UV-C560075040460
57595G22 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI575W/SE6000750HMI575W/SE
57595G22 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI575W/SE L60001000HMI575W/SE L
57595GX 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSR575/6060001000HSR575/60
57595GX 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HSR575/7272001000HSR575/72
57595SFC 10 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI575W/GS60001000HMI575W/GS
57595SFC 10-4 SI/M4 GEHR Double Ended CSR575/DE600075048451
57597GX 9,5 GECold Start CSR575/2/SE7200100015378
57597GX 9,5 GECold Start CSR575/2/T/SE versione teatro7200100049492
575207G22 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD575 HR60002000MSD575 HR
575207G22 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR575/HR60001000HRMSR575
575207GX 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD57560003000MSD575
575207GX 9,5 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR575/272001000MSR575/2
575207SFC 10-4 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI5756000750MSI575
57590/95SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI575W/D4/757500750HTI575W/D4/75
650-cap15,8/14,7 cab PHILIPSStrobo XOP PHILIPS - L. 241mm / Amp.12,35600250XOP 7-0F
70070G22 GECold Start CSR700/2/SE7200100049491
70070GY 9,5 GECold Start (SA) CSR700/SA560050015380
70070GY 9,5 OSRAMCold Start HTI705W/SE XS5500500HTI705W/SE XS
70070SFC 10-4 SI/M4 GEHR Double Ended CSR700/S/DE/60600075022493
70072G22 OSRAMCold Start HSR700/6060001000HSR700/60
700207G22 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD70060003000MSD700
700207G22 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR70059001000MSR700
700207G22 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR700/272001000MSR700/2
700207GY 9,5 PHILIPSCold Start (SA) MSR700/SA5600750MSR400/SA
70070/73SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI700W/D4/606000750HTI700W/D4/60
70070/73SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI700W/D4/757500750HTI700W/D4/75
80095G22 GEHR Single Ended CSR800/SE/HR/UC-C6000100022495
1000-cap15,8/14,7 cab PHILIPSStrobo XOP PHILIPS - L. 395mm / Amp.10,75600250XOP 15-0F
1100-cap15,8/14,7 cab PHILIPSStrobo XOP PHILIPS - L. 540mm / Amp.10,55600250XOP 25-0F
1200100G22 28X50 OSRAMCold Start HSR1200/607200800HSR1200/60
1200100G22 30x53 GECold Start CSR1200/2/SE720080049490
1200100G22 30x53 GECold Start CSR1200/2/T/SE versione teatro720080015379
1200100G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR1200/SE/HR600075048464
1200100G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR1200/SE/HR/UV-C560075027764
1200100G38 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI1200W/SE6000750HMI1200W/SE
1200100GY 22 GECold Start (SA) CSR1200/SA580075021849
1200100GY 22 OSRAMCold Start HTI1200W/SE XS5400750HTI1200W/SE XS
1200100SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI1200W/S XS6000750HMI1200W/S XS
1200100SFC 10-4 SI/M4 GEHR Double Ended CSR1200/S/DE/60600075022494
1200100SFC 15,5 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI1200W/GS60001000HMI1200W/GS
1200100SFC 15,5-6 SI/M6 GEHR Double Ended CSR1200/DE600075048453
1200207G22 PHILIPSCold Start (MSD) MSD120060003000MSD1200
1200207G22 30x53 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR12005900800MSR1200
1200207G22 30x53 PHILIPSCold Strike (MSR) MSR1200/27200800MSR1200/2
1200207G38 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR1200/HR60001000HRMSR1200
1200207GY 22 PHILIPSCold Start (SA) MSR1200/SA5600750MSR1200/SA
1200207SFC 10-4 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI1200 W/S6000750MSR1200 W/S
1200207SFC 15,5-6 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI120056001000MSI1200
120095/100SFC 10-4 OSRAMHR Double Ended SharXS HTI1200W/D7/606000750HTI1200W/D7/60
1800100GY 22 GECold Start (SA) CSR2000/SA600075021801
1800100GY 22 OSRAMCold Start HTI1800W/SE XS5600750HTI1800W/SE XS
2000207GY 22 PHILIPSCold Start (SA) MSR2000/SA6000750MSR2000/SA
2500115G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR2500/SE/HR600050048465
2500115G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR2500/SE/HR/UV-C560050040482
2500115G38 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI2500W/SE XS6000500HMI2500W/SE XS
2500115SFA 21 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI2500W/GS6000500HMI2500W/GS
2500115SFA 21 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI2500W/S XS6000500HMI2500W/S XS
2500115SFA 21-12 GEHR Double Ended CSR2500/DE600050048454
2500207G38 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR2500/HR6000500HRMSR2500
2500207SFA 21-12 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI25005600600MSI2500
3000-cap15,8/14,7 cab PHILIPSStrobo XOP PHILIPS - L. 698mm / Amp.185600250XOP 25-0F
4000200G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR4000/SE/HR600050048466
4000200G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR4000/SE/HR/UV-C560050027765
4000200G38 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI4000W/SE XS6000500HMI4000W/SE XS
4000200SFA 21 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI4000W6000500HMI4000W
4000200SFA 21-12 GEHR Double Ended CSR4000/DE600050048455
4000207G38 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR4000/HR6000500HRMSR4000
4000360SFA 21-12 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI40006000600MSI4000
6000123GX38 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI6000W/SE XS6000500HMI6000W/SE XS
6000123S25,5 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI6000W6000500HMI6000W
600012525x51cyl 165mm GEHR Double Ended CSR6000/DE600030048456
6000130G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR6000/SE/HR600030048467
6000130G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR6000/SE/HR/UV-C560030040492
6000207G38 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR6000/HR6000500HRMSR6000
6000207S 25,5x60 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI60006000400MSI6000
1200016030x70cyl 165mm GEHR Double Ended CSR12000/DE600030048457
12000160G38 GEHR Single Ended CSR12000/SE/HR600025048468
12000160GX38 OSRAMHR Single Ended HMI12000W/SE XS6000300HMI12000W/SE XS
12000160S30 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI12000/W XS6000500HMI12000/W XS
12000207G38 PHILIPSHR Single Ended MSR12000/HR6000300HRMSR12000
12000360S 30x70 PHILIPSHR Double Ended MSI120006000300MSI12000
1800022530x70cyl 165mm GEHR Double Ended CSR18000/DE600030048459
1800022530x70cyl 165mm GEHR Double Ended CSR18000S/DE600030048460
18000225G51 GEHR Single Ended CSR18000/SE/HR600025022496
18000225S30 OSRAMHR Double Ended HMI18000/W XS6000250HMI18000/W XS
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