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Hot Hand Glove

Setwear Hot Hand Glove | Rec Expendables - Gloves and Pouches

Back in 2001 we designed this gloves after we saw the need for a glove that could handle the heat and still offer dexterity. This one has been around the entertainment industry 18 years. This top quality heat resistant leather glove works excellent for professionals who work with hot materials while providing a secure grip and superior hand protection. For lighting, rigging, rappelling, rescue, cold weather and more. Contact heat performance Level 2 250*C/480*F

  • Reinforced second layer of heat resistant leather on palm and key areas.
  • Designed with pinched finger tips.
  • Made from 100% heat resistant leather.
  • Extended cuff for extra protection.
  • Insulation protects against hot and cold elements. 
  • Great for lighting, rigging, rappelling, belaying, and more.

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