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Wypall L10 EXTRA+ Wipers

Wypall L10 EXTRA+ Wipers | Rec Expendables - Cleaning

The Wypall L10 EXTRA+ Wipers range has been designed to provide customers with great reliability for multipurpose wiping and cleaning tasks. This Large Roll 7473 is the ideal solution for medium duty wiping, polishing glass, cleaning surfaces & tools. The unique Airflex™ base sheet technology is strong enough to see any job through from start to finish without falling apart and absorbent enough to clean up the most spills with ease. These wipers come at the value you would expect from a limited life wiper, but with exceptional strength and absorbency resulting in fewer wipers used and less money spent. Delivered in a Large Roll format to provide easy access to wipers using a dispenser in larger manufacturing or industrial work areas, or anywhere requiring extensive wiping is required. Individual sheet size 38cm (L) x 23.5cm (W).Compatible with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispensers (product codes 6146, 6154 and 6155).

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