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The Gaffa Tape: leading cloth product in the entertainment business.The Gaffa Tape is an ultra matt polythene extruded cloth tape coated with cable friendly solvent free rubber – resin adhesive that is designed to peel cleanly* from cables and most surfaces, leaving no residue. This Advance Gaffa® has excellent flame retardant properties when in position which makes it safe to use where risk of fire is an issue such as stages and stadia. Really easy to apply, AT200 offers extra performance and resistance against water and abrasion. It adheres well to smooth or uneven surfaces during low and high temperature conditions (from -10°C to +80°C). Its ultra matt finish minimises light flare and reflection. Known as the Stage and Floor manager’s friend, AT200 guides placements for actors and props.m Also ideal for back cloth scenery TV requirements and securing cables in studios or exhibiton halls. Available in a wide range of colours, this high-performance ultra matt “gaffer” tape can be effectively used as part of a colour-coded system for lighting, mixing desks etc. * We would always recommend that users should satisfy themselves that the product is suitable for a particular application prior to use.The AT201 is a matt polythene extruded cloth tape, coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive solvent free rubber – resin adhesive. This extra strong Advance Gaffa Tape offers high resistance against abrasion, puncture, water and adverse weather conditions. AT201 also adheres very well over a wide temperature range from (from -50°C to +80°C), conforming well to smooth and uneven surfaces. Its matt finish minimises light flare and reflection. This gaffer tape has a writable surface and is available in a wide colour range making the tape ideal for colour coding.

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