Primo and Zoom Lenses

Lenses are among the most important elements of a camera system because they form and focus the image that is recorded by the emulsion or sensor. An ongoing and hugely successful collaboration between ARRI and Zeiss has resulted in the Ultra Prime 35 and Ultra Prime 16 . These lenses stand at the very forefront of modern optical technology and performance, offering unparalleled speed, resolution and contrast. Available also Cooke S4 prime lenses series and zoom lenses Angenieux  Optimo 24-290, Optimo 17-80, 25-250 HR, Cooke 20-100 and 25-250.

  • v lite 2xAlthough the current Hawk lenses already perform exceptionally well, further improvements have been achieved. The center of efforts was to minimize distortion and to increase definition and contrast over the entire image. The manufacturing process of the optical components has been further optimized in several aspects. The new lens set is fully matched to all other Hawk Anamorphics. Vantage uses telecentric designs for all Hawk V-Lite optics. These lenses perform equally on film and digital cameras. The engraved T-Stops on the Hawk V-Lite lenses are constant from infinity to close focus. Contrary to other lenses, there is no light loss while focusing. The maximum light transmission is maintained throughout the whole focusing range.

    Hawk V-Lite 28mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 35mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 45mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 55mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 65mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 80mm / T.2.2
    Hawk V-Lite 110mm / T.3
    Hawk V-Lite 140mm / T.3.5

  • leika summicronThe T2.0 Leica Summicron-C prime lenses are built with high ASA/ISO digital cameras in mind, offering plenty of depth of field and performance while maintaining a compact size. Advances in cine lens design allow the Summicron-C lenses to be smaller and more compact than other lenses with comparable performance. Only 101mm long and weighing between 1.3 - 1.6kg, these lenses are perfect for stabilized rigs, aerial cinematography, underwater cinematography and stereoscopic 3D. Each lens offers an image circle wider than 35mm in diameter, big enough to easily cover the newest sensors from ARRI or other camera manufacturers. The set was launched with 18, 25, 35, 50, 75, and 100mm. Right now 21mm, 29mm and 135mm are also available.

  • masterprimeThe Master Prime super-speed lenses are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes. Master Prime lenses open up new creative opportunities of film making.

    Unique high speed prime lenses with unprecedented resolution
    Virtually no breathing
    Master Prime lenses offer excellent optical performance across the whole T-stop range from T1.3 to T22
    The patented Dual Floating Elements technology eliminated breathing in the Master Prime lenses
    Uniform positions of iris and focus gears
    Built-in Lens Data System (LDS)
    The Master Prime lenses open up new creative opportunities, making shots possible that would have been considered impossible before. A widest stop of T1.3 allows shooting in low or available light for more natural-looking shots and a reduction of the lighting budget. In addition, a wide open stop creates the cinematic look of an extremely shallow depth of field.

    >> www.lenses.zeiss-com
  • s42Cooke S4 Prime Lenses were designed and developed in close technical collaboration with industry professionals. Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture. The cam-type focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability.All of our S4 Prime lenses (and CXX zoom lens) are now supplied equipped with /i Technology, as of February 2005. S4/i lenses are designed for all PL mounted professional motion picture film and electronic cameras

    The /i Technology provides cinematographers and camera operators with vital information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number, owner data, lens type and focal length in both metric and footage measurements.

  • Ultra Prime35Ultra Primes have the widest focal range of any prime lens set available to cover every cinematic need: from the unique Ultra Prime 8R extreme wide angle lens to the best telephoto lens designed specifically for motion pictures, the Ultra Prime 180 mm, giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want.

    • Well controlled distortion and breathing
    • Superior close focus ability
    • Floating elements design
    • Easy-to-read calibrated scales
    • Uniform diameters
    • Particularly robust and easy to service

    Ultra Primes retain their excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole Super 35 frame. The Ultra Primes are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed Master Primes.

  • ultraprime-16With a widest stop of T1.3 they create shallow depth of field and allow shooting on tight lighting budgets or under severe time pressure. Equaled by no other Super 16 lenses in optical performance, they join the other ARRI lenses in elevating the Super 16 image to its highest possible quality. All nine Ultra 16 lenses (6, 8, 9.5, 12, 14, 18, 25, 35, 50 mm) cover the full Super 16 format and are fully compatible with the optical quality, color balance and ergonomics of the other ARRI lenses. The Zeiss Ultra 16 lenses are the perfect companions to the new Super 16 cameras, the ARRIFLEX 416, 416 Plus and 416 Plus HS.

    • Complete Set of nine Close Focus Super 16 Primes
    • High Speed - T1.3
    • High contrast and resolution
    • Smooth and robust mechanics
    • T* XP coating ensures flare resistance
    • Well controlled distortion and breathing
  • 15mm / 21mm / 25mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm / 100mm / 135mm
  • 14mm / 24mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm / 135mm
  • zeiss compact zoom 70 200Zoom 70-200mm T2.9 CZ.2

    The ZEISS 70-200mm T2.9 Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lens with PL Mount is a telephoto zoom lens that is optimized for motion picture production. The lens offers full-frame (36 x 24 mm) coverage and exhibits no focus shift over the zoom range. The cine-style housing features calibrated focus scales and industry standard gearing for focus, iris and zoom. At 9.84" long and with a weight of 6.2 lb, the 70-200mm is relatively compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for handheld and Steadicam applications.

    ZEISS Compact Zooms utilize T* anti-reflex coating and internal light traps to suppress flare, and a circular iris renders attractive bokeh. Interchangeable lens mounts are available in PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Micro 4/3, and Sony E, which means that users are not locked into a single camera system. A range of mounting options and 4K-ready optics make the 70-200mm Compact Zoom a virtually "future proof" lens.

    • High resolution and contrast; ready for 8K and beyond
    • Excellent color correction
    • Flare suppression through T* anti-reflex coating and internal light traps
    • Low distortion
    • Round out-of-focus highlights
    • Color matched

  • zoom canon 155 47Zoom CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 L SP

    Exceptional optical performance for 4K productions.
    The objective film CN-E15,5-47mm T2.8 LS / SP is a lightweight lens Super 35 mm for productions by 2K and 4K. Available for PL grafts (SP)

    • PL Mount (SP)
    • Focal length of 15.5 mm ~ 47 mm
    • 11-blade diaphragm
    • Minimized Focus breathing
    • Indicators on both sides allow accurate and precise focusing
    • Management positions, rotation angles and diameters of the front lens follow the standards

    zoom canon 3 300Zoom CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP

    Offering wide to telephoto with just one lens, the CN-E30–300mm T2.95–3.7 L SP rivals best-in-class zoom magnification and telephoto focal length for extensive creative possibilities. PL mount compatible, it offers industry standard manual control for exceptional usability in demanding high-end productions.

    zoom canon 30 105Zoom CN-E30-105mm T2.8 L S/SP

    Exceptional optical performance for 4K production. The CN-E30-105mm T2.8 L S/SP is a lightweight Super 35mm cinematography lens for 2K, and 4K production formats. Available in EF mount (S model) and PL mount (SP model)

  • zeissLWZ-2The Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2 is the first on the market to combine outstanding optical image quality with an Interchangeable Mount System.. The LWZ.2 is a cine lens designed for use with HDSLR as well as traditional cine cameras. The Interchangeable Mount System guarantees high flexibility for present and future use in any situation and for a wide range of camera platforms. With the five different mounts available (PL, EF, F, MFT, E mount) there there is no need for adapter solutions anymore. Exotic glass materials and the T* XP anti-reflex coating ensure a sharp, high resolution image that covers the entire Super 35 frame and perfectly matches the other ZEISS cine lenses.

    • Interchangeable mount
    • Super color matched with all ZEISS cine lenses
    • Highest optical performance despite compact build
    • T* XP coating ensures flare resistance
    • Robust cine-style housing
    • Calibrated focus scales
    • Consistent aperture over the zoom range
    • No focus shift over the zoom range
  • angenieux optimostyle 25 250Zoom Optimo Style 25-250

    Focal Length: 25-250mm, Zoom Range: 10x, Geometric Aperture: f3.2, Photometric Aperture: T3.5, Minimum Object Distance: 4' (1.22m), Weight: 16 lbs. (7,3kg)

    angenieux Optimo-24-290Zoom Optimo 24-290

    Focal Length: 24-290mm, Zoom Range: 12x, Geometric Aperture: f2.5, Photometric Aperture: T2.8, Minimum Object Distance: 4' (1.22m), Weight: 24.25 lbs. (11kg)

    ANGENIEUX 17-80MMZoom Optimo 17-80

    Focal Length: 17-80mm, Zoom Range: 4.7x, Geometric Aperture: f2, Photometric Aperture: T2.2, Minimum Object Distance: 1'9" (.6m), Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg)

    angenieux25 250Zoom 25-250 HR

    Focal Length: 25mm to 250mm, T-Stop: T3.5, Minimum Focus: 5'7, Available in PL Mount only, Also covers Super 16 format

    angenieux extender 1 4xAngenieux Extender 1.4X