Panasonic System

Tramite il servizio di noleggio REC mette a disposizione  per la propria clientela tutto ciò che occorre per la ripresa video professionale. Dispone di videocamere Panasonic Varicam LT, corredate di ottiche delle migliori marche (Cooke, Zeiss, Angenieux, Leika, Canon, Kinoptik, Elite).

  • panasonic .varicamLTThe Cinema VariCam LT features outstanding image quality that allows you to achieve your "VISION". The advanced grading tools, in-camera dailies and proxy recording capabilities that are built into the VariCam LT are a "REVOLUTION" in streamlining workflow. The VariCam LT has a compact and lightweight magnesium body and offers same picture quality specifications as the larger VariCam 35 cinema camera. The super 35mm image sensor, which is the same imager as VariCam 35, features wide dynamic range, an expansive color gamut, and high sensitivity for 4K image acquisition. It has dual native ISO settings of 800 and 5000. The native 5000 ISO allows for clean shooting in very low light situations. Its size and design facilitate a wide array of shooting styles including comfortable ergonomic shoulder mounted operation or use on gimbals and drones. One new feature that has been added to the VariCam LT is the EF lens*1 mount which offers a wide array of lens choices. The EF mount*1 can be removed by an end user and replaced with a PL mount (optional). This allows for even greater versatility in lens selection when shooting with the VariCam LT. The VariCam LT workflow is very similar to that of the VariCam 35. Both cameras have a dual codec recording function that allows the user to record a primary or "main" codec as well as a smaller proxy file. In addition, each camera offers an in-camera color grading function and support for AVC-Intra 4K and Apple ProRes*2 codecs. Join the "REVOLUTION" and achieve your perfect "VISION".

  • Accessori

    Monitor 24' - 17'  TVLogic  
    Monitor 17' Panasonic
    MiniMonitor TVLogic 5,6' - 7' - Transvideo - Arri
    Schede SxS 32 GB - 64 GB
    Codex Data Pack 480 GB
    Ottiche Zeiss - Cooke
    Zoom Angenieux - Cooke
    Paraluce Arri
    Follow Focus Arri
    Radio Fuochi
    Filtri Tiffen
    Testata O'Connor
    Testata Cartoni LAMBDA - SIGMA - MAXIMA - C-40s