Incandescent Lamps

incandescenzaIncandescent lamps are the oldest forms of production of artificial light. This form of production fixture, with the advent of sound recording in the film, was the only one allowed to approach the lighting within the scene without producing the annoying hum of the carbon produced by arcing predominantly used until then. Since the advent of sound on the development of lamps and lighting was continuous and unstoppable. The luminous efficiency of the filament is linked to the materials used to make the lamp, while the light source colour and durability are closely related to the amount of electricity and depending on the resistance of the filament.

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WattVoltAttaccoProduttoreDescrizioneGradi KelvinDurataCodice
watt volt attacco produttore descrizione gradi kelvin durata codice
15 230 E 27 PHILIPS Darkroom PF710 E Yellow Green - 1000 PF710 E
15 230 E 27 PHILIPS Darkroom PF712 E Red - 1000 PF712 E
75 230 E 27 PHILIPS PF603 E Internal White 2800 100 PF603 E/51
150 220 E 27 PHILIPS PF319 E Refl Sat Frost 3200 100 PF319 E/44
150 230 E 27 PHILIPS PF605 E Internal White 2800 100 PF605 E/51
250 230 E 27 PHILIPS PF207 E Ins Frosted 3400 3 PF207 E/21
250 230 E 27 PHILIPS PF607 E Internal White 3000 3 PF607 E/51
500 220 E 27 PHILIPS PF208 E Ins Frosted 3400 6 PF208 E/21
500 220 E 27 PHILIPS PF308 E Ins Frosted 3200 100 PF308 E/21
500 220 E 27 PHILIPS PF318 E Refl Sar Frost 3200 100 PF318 E/44